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Do you listen to lies or the truth?

A roomie likes Guns ‘n Roses REALLY LOUD… to use for voice practice. I haven’t been able to determine if or when it’s going to start or how long it will last. I lost the headphones I was using to block the offensive suggestions and to listen to my music, so as not to disturb […]

Prayer requests for miracles of all kinds

So, you have a need. Always begin here, with a prayer request.  This is the ultimate service we offer one another. Decide what you want and be specific. After sending your prayer request, or if you’re not sure, read this: Questions about prayer: WHAT SHOULD WE PRAY FOR? I think everyone should experience abundance in these […]

Certain existence of Spirit

The Holy Spirit and angels are referenced commonly by those who have deduced the truth with a peaceful and open mind. The essence of trust, and walking in certainty lies in the awareness of your “comforting friend”, who’s found by entering the holy instant, with Him. What does this mean, really? Well, your mind can […]

Looking fear and lack in the eye!

Today I was feeling particularly strong, so I went out in search of beggars to minister to them and put a coin in their cup, or whatever inspired me.  I saw them as teachers of the world, teaching fear and lack, with a sad countenance. At this point, I had seen this as a request […]

Is sex merely a teaching the body is real?

Sex is a belief a body is valuable for what it offers teaching the reality of bodies by teachers of the world.  Teachers of God teach that attack on the eternal is impossible and nothing is to be feared, but was only an error – already forgiven by God. Is sex an attack on the […]

Head or Heart? What causes what?

The question of whether you live in your heart or your head… ??? I’ve heard this proposed many times. In most contexts, it has one of two arguments… either it is one that suggests ideas, which must be thoughts, coming from the head, are the cause of feelings, coming from the heart. The other argument, […]

Organized Religion – Is it right for you?

There are a number of ways to see the value of organized religion. I have nothing against it, except to say that the content can be love or fear, and which one determines whether it teaches the truth or a lie. It can help inspire one to look within. For others, it is just another […]

Hemp Farming Made Legal

In the future, hemp farming will be legal.  The reason is simply that it makes sense to do so.  You do the study, and you’ll find that it’s a fabulous plant that humanity has been prevented from cultivating due to private interests succeeding at controlling what you’re allowed to grow and consume. Sound familiar. Look […]

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