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Tony adores WordPress

There is absolutely nothing quite like this feeling of bliss I receive when showing word presses glorious features to my clients Thank you God, Holy Spirit , thank you clients, thank you WordPress!

Note to self

Remember: – take no illusions seriously (laugh at everything) – there is only truth – to bless others as myself

As you progress, avoid temptation

As one lives more freely, not concerned with a personal agenda that differs from the Holy Spirit’s plan, one will become more sensitive to the attacking guilt projections of others. Seen for what they are, the teacher of God sees them all as requests for love. To the casual observer, they are unjust attacks made […]

teacher of the world or of God?

Sunday is my day for honest contemplation, in an honest effort to “figure myself out” yet again, not take my judge’s quick verdict, but instead ask and wait for answers to questions like: To what do I really aspire? Does this define me? Am I a body? Am I willing to question what the world […]

How well do I know myself?

I don’t really know how serious I really am about finding a mate, since I’ve been happily single for so long. I like the idea of new friends to share good times and allow sharing from the heart. I’m a good listener. I’ve done lots of spiritual counseling over the years, and live by miracles […]

Seeking Purpose

Many are seeking purpose. I like to help remind people casually and happily… Once we know our purpose, the world becomes a playground where we do our good work enjoying the moment. I’ve learned that there’s a certainty that allows me to go through life without being too serious about anything. I think of this […]

what’s an idol?

For those of you confused about the actuality of idols, the course in miracles explains it better than anywhere I’ve ever known An Idol is nothing! It’s life and power are given by its believer. The idol is not a problem. The belief that it will save you is the problem. This is what the […]

How do you spell “SUCCESS” ?

What constitutes success in America, or anywhere for that matter, when 500 years of imperialism has subtly changed a paradigm of community wealth to one that values only personal wealth. The contrast of personal wealth, and it’s emphasis, fuels violence, which can be seen as attempts at balance. Truly, balance can be found through putting […]

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