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Cosmic History Quotes – 365 daily quotes from the seven volume Cosmic History Chronicles available at  After installing this plugin copy and paste the shortcode:   

Universal timing is impartial and organized by a precise numerical code that reveals to it exactly where each and every one of us is in terms of the evolutionary process at any given time.

29 November 2021, day 15 of Moon 5, Overtone Moon (15 Nov - 12 Dec)
 into any page, post or text widget.

Uses shortcodes to let you insert today’s 13-Moon Chronicle Quote into your home page, posts or sidebars.  You’ll find it’s own settings in the dashboard menu item entitled “CHQ Settings”.


At translations in English (en), Spanish (es) and Dutch (nl)



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  1. Anthony says:

    The latest update 2.2.1 senses your language automatically, and switches for you. It’s not using the standard .mo files yet, but it will eventually. That should be in the next upgrade.

    Lately, I’m planning a much more interactive and interesting plugin that should be a lot of fun. It has to remain as a surprise for now though.

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