In Gratitude for Yogi Amrit Desai

Dear ones,

In my quest for truth, again I remind myself of my many blessings, of which today I reminisce my youth.

I’m indeed very blessed, I am, to live a life colored by the deep and profound inspiration I received while living among a Guru and his disciples, my chosen spiritual family during the early 80’s.

At Kripalu Yoga Ashram, an oasis of gentleness in the midst of a frantic world, I spent several years as a youth practicing Yoga at the home of the Guru. Here I was exposed to a deep and meaningful tradition that completely transcended the physical through the methods of Bhakti, Hatha, Karma and Kundalini Yoga. Though I was only able to practice as well as I could, I sometimes criticized my own lack of willingness and discipline, and yet, I got what I intended to receive from the experience, which I describe as my quest for the simple truth.

The basic teaching of the Guru is that his job, to awaken others to their own inner-self (inner Guru or Atman), is already done, and that you no longer need him, but you can hang out with him anyway. He taught on many subjects from the perspective of innocence and peace. He lives a life as a testimony to the path he follows, which may surprise you at times. One must be careful about trying to put any master in a box. They’re good at blowing our minds, so this should not come as a surprise.

In the case of my beloved Guru, Yogi Amrit Desai, who assisted greatly in my awakening to my divine inner-self, he was the disciple of Swami Kripalvananda, Kripalu, or just “Bapuji”, also the disciple of “Dadaji”, Lord Lakulish, regarded as an incarnation of Shiva.

I was present during the immediately prior to Bapuji’s passing from the earthly plane, when his sadhana had increased to a very high level.

The reminders of the masters remain:
Don’t get caught up in the trappings… practice the yamas and niyamas.

See Gurudev’s Web Site

Blessings to you,

Tony *Shailesh*

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