How to be truly fearless enough to live fully

Like Dante (standing behind me and my pals) we are FREE!
Free to live our lives and do as the Holy Spirit would guide us.


Fearlessness is a result of self-assuredness, not conditions.

With good listening to our inner voice, we are told where to go and what to do, and need have no fear.

I started (this) life in Miami, when I fell from Heaven.  I find similarities in this world, but only really with people who are yearning for FREEDOM and PEACE.


When I was 18, I quit college to live at a yoga ashram with a guru from India, that I might learn the truth.  What I got was clarity on my ability to cause my own happiness.  A valuable tool, deserving appreciation.

I still had a very persistent ego, which got the best of me after about 4 years of heaven-on-earth-type living at the yoga ashram. I left because I was extremely envious of the guru, who seemed to get all the attention.  My inner struggle was fierce.

11-years of marriage to a wonderful woman helped humble me, then I experimented using a method called Science of Mind. I learned how powerful my mind is. Learning to do miracles. This led me yet deeper into trust.

A bold spiritual practice entitled “A Course in Miracles” has helped me prove the reality of the Holy Spirit and the truth of miracles. We all employ them when we join with another with a shared goal.

We are all protected by angels and the Holy Spirit.

Nothing happens by accident, and there’s no mystery you will not solve.  It may seem like it’s going to take a long time for humanity to awaken, but the teacher of God has patience too.

Unfortunately, as long as we hold fears, the power of our mind will cause the fears to demonstrate. This is like a catch-22. Not so easy to overcome. It justifies being afraid of a world that is believed to be fearful and dangerous. This is the reason so many people seem to be wary and paranoid, greedy and cold, self-centered and lonely.

spring awakening cast outside
The cast of Spring Awakening at Asheville, NC.
An example of people living large in theatre!

The ones who have broken free of their fears have learned that their confidence and emanations of love create more reasons to trust. It takes guts to get to this stage, but it’s something that we really must do in order to discover the truth about ourselves.

I can’t say what process will work best for anyone, but that a simple desire to know the truth, without compromise, worked for me.

You’ll find Your way, as will we All, someday will, as the work of the Holy Spirit is as consistent and supported by all of Heaven as is the voice of the Eternal calling out to you now.  Ultimately, the only way anyone can go is back to God.

Until then, however, illusions will still seem to justify attack of what is truly pure and innocent, and defense will seem to be justified.

So be grateful that dreams cannot affect you and we remain as God created us, pure, innocent, unlimited, worthy and eternal.

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