Authentic creative joy…

… emerges when mediocrity finishes its paradoxical gorging.

Within each person an expressive being yearns to be free.

Hello…??? Do you know who you really are? If so, there are no doubts or fears, just be who you are, or keep trying to find yourself… don’t give up or give in to mediocrity and complaining, and be grateful that you’ll never be content with smallness…

ask instead: What can I do to help?

If we stop and listen to each other, we’ll have a chance at least organized chaos. And if that’s the next step, so be it. Heaven struggles to enter this world to vanquish your wish for death.

Let it in.
Herein lies our claim to all good and only good. We are blessed as a Son of God. All good things are ours, because God intended them for us. We cannot suffer loss or deprivation or pain because of Who we are. Our Father supports us, protects us, and directs us in all things. His care for us is infinite, and is with us forever.As a Child of God…

We are eternally blessed as His Holy Child.

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