teacher of the world or of God?

Sunday is my day for honest contemplation, in an honest effort to “figure myself out” yet again, not take my judge’s quick verdict, but instead ask and wait for answers to questions like: To what do I really aspire? Does this define me? Am I a body? Am I willing to question what the world has taught me? Did certain teachers serve to perpetrate a lie?

And I keep asking… What can I learn that is certainly true? Am I willing to be teacher? What can I teach? Can seeing someone as a body be attack on love? Can I be quiet a little while longer, admitting I don’t know, and be answered truly? How do I identify truth? On who’s word can I rely?

Could I ever trust but my inner voice, while a crazy world in raging fear, peddles guilt, cashes bodies for moments of specialness, and rules harshly in stern condemnation for anything that threatens it’s beliefs?

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