Cure ear infections naturally with your own urine

That’s right, nature knows how to cure your ear infection.

Put several drops after catching a small amount of the middle of the stream of your first urination of the day, or have fun doing with advanced yoga postures, by peeing directly into your ear… this is only recommended for accomplished yogis or yoginis.

Ha ha ha…. I’m not kidding!

Seriously, I used to have chronic ear infections that were put into submission by antibiotics, and when I moved to the Kripalu Yoga Ashram, I learned this while one of the doctors saw me in agony.  As a lover of water and one of the lifeguards at the pool, I was quite put out, and was unsure of doing something so radical, but I did… and when I did, voila!  My infection was gone in a few hours, and never returned.  NEVER!

“Most urine therapists have never sought a scientific explanation for why or how it works; their own experiences have proven to be more than sufficient. However, as modern medicine’s interest in the powerful healing aspects of Shivambu Shastra grows, more research is being undertaken and a lot is being revealed to substantiate scientifically the therapy’s very rich history in healing.”

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Urine Therapeutics

Saffron Rose Article: Shivambu Shastra: Mother of Ayurvedic Medicine

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