Is sex merely a teaching the body is real?

Sex is a belief a body is valuable for what it offers teaching the reality of bodies by teachers of the world.  Teachers of God teach that attack on the eternal is impossible and nothing is to be feared, but was only an error – already forgiven by God.

Is sex an attack on the innocent child of God?  

Perhaps not if the child of God is not seen as a body, but as a spirit sharing a common goal.

The Laws of God can be denied but not broken.  And certainly you can find someone to agree with you that they appeared to have been broken — but only in a dream.

In Truth, the eternal calls to itself — you — calling you back home — where we all were not long ago — and shall return.  It’s a place called heaven, and I believe that we may choose to come back here, but for what?  That is the question.

Botticelli's "Birth of Venus"
Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”

I’ve heard it said that heaven must be brought to earth, and that this is our work, part and parcel with the “great awakening” which follows.  Perhaps this is one reason to return.  You cannot stop that by limiting sex or procreation.

I bless those willing to be parents and bringing the children here that we may all teach peace together, ever better.

To me, that’s what sex is about.  I know it’s a teaching that a body is “real” and can offer what it is believed good for.  I am doing an experiment in allowing the Holy Spirit to direct this body.  Using my will I surrender to His will.

The experiment has been quite interesting, indeed, going about in defiance of the belief there’s anything another body has to offer me that I don’t already have.   Interesting indeed, moreover, in how it is possible to radically deny popular thought in error.

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