Remember these three things when times get tough

1) You don’t really know what anything is for.

You can’t be expected to know. This would require vision far beyond what you have accepted for yourself separately. Your perception is incapable of this level of vision.

2) There is a plan unfolding

… that is so far beyond your tiny perception always working in your favor. Wow!

It needs contrast in order to teach you how to align your values with creator. Hmmm that explains the reason for pretty bizarre things!

When your will and His is are One, you will be “home”.

This requires releasing attachment to bodies, which technically, is illusion. All my spiritual studies support this, so I’m not going to argue this idea.

You (and I) are real.

This is the basis for our Holiness.

To share the knowledge of your Holiness with your brother is to celebrate Holiness.

No one is more Holy than you are.

Finally, #3: There is no death.

If bodies are illusion, death of bodies is illusion.
To say that you are real, is the same as saying you are eternal.

I am reminded that — I AM — technically — an idea in the Mind of God.

We really live in heaven — really.
There’s no reason for fear.

If you make it this far, times aren’t really so tough, now are they?

Problem solved.

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