The Power of Magic

The idea of magic has been already reviewed by the great thinkers.

It’s not the simplest of lessons until the power that is in you is revealed in all its splendor. Perhaps you can bend spoons, either with your mind or your hand, but it is but with your mind that you share the peace of God, each time you bring to your mind another, and you bless them, sending them healing love, which restores peace and joy. This, my great companion, is how we are to use our power… not by doing cheap “parlor” tricks… that could serve to make the world seem more “real” and maybe distracting the child of God from what is most important…

The world is NOT real.

!_magic2We are instructed to see in magic just another attempt to make the world real. We are not in this world completely, with most of our true identity in heaven. We are far beyond this world, but if we attack this world, thinking it real, it will seem to be real to us because we want it to be real. This is part of the key to a happy life. If you have achieved the mental discipline that can bend a spoon, then you can also make yourself and others happy.


And of course, you already knew this…. just reminding you…. and we heal together with this memory.

!_magic3The idea of magic conjures up quite a variety of imaginings, all based on the idea that someone might use their mind to change (attack) the world.

!_magic1Then, I have a dear friend who is a lover of magic.  He often performs magic shows at children’s parties and I’m quite confident that he judges the quality of his performance on the ability to make people laugh and smile.  Thank you, Rock Eblen!

I’m a student of yoga, and my guru, Yogi Amrit Desai, enjoyed speaking on magic from time to time.  He often spoke of his master, the accomplished Swami Kripalu, whom we lovingly regard as Bapuji.

Part of the standard disciplines of yoga involve mental practices.  Bapuji did exercises that were known to bring about what are called yogic siddhas, or mental power that can be used to control the illusory world.  They can also be used for much greater works, however.

As the popular story goes, one day, while Bapuji was doing his mental practices, he could see and hear a man who was walking down the road, playing a flute.  At this point, Bapuji decided to test his power of concentration, and he decided to make the flute stop it’s sound.  At that moment, the music stopped.  So did the walking man.  Confused and frustrated, he could not make the flute produce any music.  Bapuji, feeling some compassion, quickly released the man from the “spell” he had placed him under, and he allowed the music to begin again.

When Bapuji (Swami Kripalu) enthusiastically shared this experience with his guru, Brameshwar (Dadaji), the great sage scolded him harshly, and warned him never to do that again, and that it is considered, by the yogis, something that should be used with supreme caution for fear that it is a trap that can slow down a yogi’s awakening to the Truth.

According to the yogis, your mind is the only real power.  The whole purpose of the yoga is to discipline the mind to realize your true divine nature.  If one elevates their ego using their ability to discipline their mind, they will become distracted.  This is a casual reminder to the student of yoga.

And he/she is gently reminded of the purpose for studying with the master.

Do you seek the Truth of the Divine or for the elevation of an ego in a world of illusions?

In a way, the same question is asked here:

Do you trust in the guidance of the inner voice or do you believe you should direct things?

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