Initiate your own awakening

Life is simple and easy and fun.

If you already learned it, then perhaps you’d admit that your memory could still use activation. And however impossible it may seem, it is clear that portions of your mind are asleep.

In order to be happy, one must be awake, and not susceptible to terrible nightmares, where he-she believes it is being attacked or threatened somehow. While in that state, you certainly will be prone to attacking the very illusions you must learn to love …. AND FINALLY BE HAPPY.

A path to any destination begins from where you are.

A path to you is different for each of us (all the others) but we can join together along the way. In fact, the very joining evidences our walking together, and this, I have learned evidences that we have already reached our destination.

There are possibly these steps that would lead to your happiness:

1) Fire the teacher
You’ve been learning from yourself and your judgments have taught you how to attack the truth. You need a better teacher; someone who can see past illusions.

2) Teach in order to learn
How can this mind awaken to the truth of love before it finally gives up attacking illusions? Don’t you love how questions often answer themselves? This is one of them. Your judgments never did serve you other than to imprison and enslave with a contrived idea of guilt — yourself and everyone you thought of — and your forgiveness finally healed this disease. Be glad your old teacher was wrong.

3) Judge your judgments — for a change!
Put all your values to the test of whether they can be used to join or separate. In this way, you are always choosing for happiness in advance. Review each judgment in your mind, and properly dissolve it with the light of Truth so that you will be prepared for every encounter in a life (that may still evidence sickness). You are armed now with the knowledge that you give power to all things in a dream, and it would be a happy dream where waking to the truth finally becomes possible.

Once Truth is learned, then perhaps it’s possible to be happy, which also means to make everyone you meet happy (in the event some part of you is still sleeping).

This is the path that leads to Truth on the way to God. Everyone is joined in this family of love which once thought it possible to separate in a dream. Such separation is only possible with the consent of the Father, which though it was given with time, it simply was not permitted to keep the Truth from resolving all problems and keeping the Father/Creator and the Son/Child separated in timeless eternity where thoughts cannot leave their source.

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