Living at the Beach, a photo-essay

This is a photographic essay.  I hope to convey the wonder of living on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Living in Ocean Shores, WA is certainly a joy.  It’s peaceful beyond belief, and the ocean is seen at her best…

Fuzzy Green Seaweed
As far as I can tell, this is seaweed. I found a dozen or so of these puffy things about an inch around, each pulls apart easily.
Sand Dollar
This glorious sand dollar, evidence of the ocean’s bounty, ubiquitous gentle and benign, it looks suspiciously familiar… aha! just like the one’s they got in Miami… the sheer ubiquitous nature of the goddess silica

I have no idea how much longer I’ll be here, but I’ll continue to post these interesting pics as long as I can stand being so peaceful…

The more I search, the more I find unusual specimens.  I suppose this is a tribute to my success.  For, if I were striving, I’d probably be stuck somewhere in some boring dead-end job, and I might even feel guilty for hanging out on the beach, a self-proclaimed under-achieving beach bum, for sure…!!!

Every so often, Ocean Shores gets a 55-foot tsunami that ereases any signs of life.  It’s been a while, I believe that it was in 1946 that a big one cleared the shoreline.



They’re calling for occasional signs that Fukushima’s disaster is to be shared…  Perhaps some nice breakers will come along with the debris field that is chock full of interesting goodies, but none of them radioactive, apparently, so we’re left to our own devices yet again, to rummage freely through what washes ashore, certain of innocence.


The beach seems to have this sobering effect, and yet, always imparts a strong degree of mystery, as each new item presents a wealth of wisdom.

Beach Meteor seems to be that this meteorite is exiting the ocean at a rate of speed yet to be determined…
A dead fish-head... probably a grouper
My best guess is grouper… sure wish I coulda’ beat those opportunistic sharks and seagulls to this tasty morsel. I’ll keep looking.
This weird seaweed is a cross between apple pie and portions of a costume from an episode of Sesame Street.
Huge piles of these bulbous seaweeds congregate then disappear the next day. Where did they go? Where are they from? Who will fess up?

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