What do you want?

I am so grateful to each and every one of you for being who you are and readers of this inspired text, where I offer the ultimate service, and that is to pray for whatever you want — but only what you really want. This sometimes involves a brief session of clarification to isolate what we call “first cause”.

You can message me privately or just post it to this thread, and I’ll do what we call “Spiritual Mind Treatment”, or as ACIM puts it, “Borrowing from the Truth and bringing it to an illusion”.

I do this service regularly for about 8 or 9 years now. I was once a licensed practitioner in SOM, but now I simply follow the ethics without any requirement for charging money and receiving payment in cash (though I don’t discourage love offerings in gratitude).

List all things you want, and I will pray/treat for you.

The knowledge of God is of all the power in heaven and earth.

We are to finish the work of the great way-shower, and remember perfect peace, as a result of the happy dream of earth sharing one world with one family in love, as it was meant to be, without any forms of attack — not even the slightest judgment one to another as different — with all once believed sinful forgiven and all error corrected, and perfect memory of God restored to the Holy Mind of the Child of God — ie., heaven on earth.

Before we wake, we remember abundance in 4 areas:
1) Physical health
2) Relationship health
3) Financial health
4) Expression health

No-one is permitted to suffer beyond the point of memory of our power to create a healthy, peaceful, and loving life.

I benefit also with each prayer. Each miracle. Trust grows, and faith follows, and each prayer is easier and is used by the Holy Spirit to spread a reminder through the subconscious mind of the Holy Child, reminding himr of hisr inheritance — each and every spirit in heaven and earth — and the freedom that goes along with being created by the Most High, and includes this and more through a practice called “True Forgiveness”, and The Holy Child (you) is:

1) Unchanged from creation (un-affected by belief in sin)
2) Worthy of all that is real
3) Unlimited potential (you can make it up your way… hey hey)
4) Eternal (you are a permanent installation in heaven)

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