Seeking Purpose

Many are seeking purpose. I like to help remind people casually and happily… Once we know our purpose, the world becomes a playground where we do our good work enjoying the moment. I’ve learned that there’s a certainty that allows me to go through life without being too serious about anything. I think of this as an amazing gift.

I enjoy being the philosopher (in the right company), and have unshakable faith. I’ve seen too much not to. I have proof of angels and many answered prayers. That doesn’t mean I won’t choose to believe some illusions real — but I’m learning what’s real and what’s not – which, let’s face it, is HUGE!

Miracles come about through relationships where two or more minds are joined in a common goal, and the results are given away. Once the miracle is understood for where it came, this further enhances the miracle worker’s enjoyment.

If you’re willing to believe in your ability to bring about miracles, and experiment with using the miracle principle, we could certainly have lots of fun together. A romance could only happen if it’s meant to. I’ve learned how to let it happen, and know my prayers are answered. This is why I’ve not been in a “typical” love relationship lately.

For me, “typical” means a roller-coaster ride of emotion stemming from strong attractions, mental fantasies, coddling, intimacy… (the up-side) followed by disillusionment, guilt projection, regret, and despair (the “down” side). My attitude toward women had become somewhat cynical indicating a jaded romantic has “given up” on love, when really, he only fantasized more about the “one” who would make things right.

It’s not easy to deal with attractions. It seems that the more one is attracted, the less able they are to maintain clarity. I’ve felt the pressure of trying to maintain clarity in the midst of passionate and strong emotions. It didn’t really work out too well.

I’ve recently learned that I’m making up what the world means to me, and since discovering my purpose, and coming to know what I am, I’ve become aware of a force that is gentle and effective at bringing about peace of mind.

Sorry if I’m boring you, I can get wordy. As a philosopher (aka: mental scientist), I analyze thoughts carefully, checking my motivations often. I seem to operate best when I have no agenda at all. I have learned to remain out of judgment, thought it’s not been possible continuously as of yet, should my little experiment succeed, I expect to be completely free of judgment.

What does that mean? I believe we can choose to make peace of mind our only goal anytime we’re ready. Peace of Mind lets us come to know ourselves, and that there’s no panacea or tidbit of information that’s going to do it for us. We must all somehow train our minds to remain peaceful. How else could we expect to fulfill our function of communicating love? When we allow fear to intrude on peace, all knowledge of ourself flies away again… and each time we are permitted to return to peace with greater ease, assuming we’re happy learners.

I’m a happy learner, and I invite you to be one too.

Thanks for this opportunity to share.

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