Prayer requests for miracles of all kinds

So, you have a need.

Always begin here, with a prayer request.  This is the ultimate service we offer one another.

Decide what you want and be specific.

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    After sending your prayer request, or if you’re not sure, read this:

    Questions about prayer:


    I think everyone should experience abundance in these areas:
    1) Physical health
    2) Relationship health
    3) Financial health
    4) Expression health

    Our spiritual experience should lead directly to perfect joy as we practice it, and we should be well-aware of the power that we have walking with God. In this respect, we are all exactly alike.


     Try to determine if what you’re asking is REALLY what you want, or if it’s masking something else.

    If you’re sure that it’s what you want, then you may ask.

    I will notify you if I chose to do your treatment or if a brief email counseling is needed first.

    I will then go into prayer for you, and you can certainly expect a miracle.


    There’s no way to know how prayer will be answered.  The physical cannot limit us from communicating because of what we are, but we would use the body for this, to convey love, the only value it offers, otherwise, the body has no value.

    Prayer is like a question, and the answer can appear as instantaneous healing, to provide guidance to find the specialist, who then might help you heal. Something always results from prayer, and when done, it results in the problem being solved.

    With proper vision, all things are seen as blessings.


    It is improper to discuss private matters. All prayer requests are considered strictly private, and will not be shared with anyone ever, unless you care to witness to prayer, I will not witness to your demonstrations, nor will I report you to any agencies of any kind.  You must be responsible for your life.

    I once worked in a church doing prayer, and I agreed to a very strict code of ethics.  I still practice this, with ever higher standards of practice.


    All things are by your election, whether you elect with clarity or not.  Manifesting your desired life can only happen also by your election.  You are electing to have things different by requesting prayer.  Life begins anew with a miracle, which uses another person to agree on truth.

    If you want a problem to go away, did you already ask to see it in a new way?

    If not, repeat this: “Please show me a new way of seeing _____ ” (fill in the blank with the problem).

    Those of you who know me, know that I offer prayer to everyone.  This is an important ingredient to living a fulfilled life.  Every opportunity we have to heal also heals us.  If we’re really serious about learning Truth, we will offer prayer in humble service to the brothers and sisters to whom we owe so much.  I have been offering prayer service since first becoming licensed as a practitioner of Science of Mind in 2007.  In 2010, I claimed my freedom from religious orders.

    Now, as a teacher/student of A Course in Miracles, I offer miracles in the form of healing treatments.

    True prayer is gratitude for abundance and love.  It is like a song we sing to God.

    When conditions are less than favorable, however, there is a perceived need to change conditions that are uncomfortable, unhappy or scary.  If you have a doubt of any kind in your ability to solve the problem, and you are ready to place it in the hands of God, it is good to request prayer.

    This type of prayer involves a supplication, and is different from the simple prayer of gratitude, yet the two are linked.  In all cases, the answer to prayer returns you to a state of gratitude.

    Supplications for a change in the world is properly defined as borrowing from the Truth to change an illusion.  Yet, even though we may be living in bodies that are illusions, we must learn how to work with each other, blessing and inspiring through doing miracles with each other, miracles that result from us agreeing to pray together.

    Thus, the benefit is to serve everyone, the one praying and the one who needs something different.

    Should we be like all those who eventually laid their bodies by, we also should expect to do the same.  In this respect, it’s a good thing we’re truly eternal spirits, with a guarantee from God.


    We do not charge for our service.  The healing happens both ways, for you and for the one praying with you.  If you are inspired to make a donation, please do so At My Donation Page — But this is not a pre-requisite for me agreeing to pray.  They are not related.

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