Assist in the Great Awakening!

Were you let down because of expectation or because of the other?

Or maybe it had to go down this way to get the lesson you prayed for.

Maybe somewhere in one of the recesses of your mind, you had the thought, and with it, some suspicion, and voila, it came to be …

but where, I ask… ??? Is this reality or is what you thought to be real no more than a dream?

The perspective will chance when firmly rooted in the world beyond this one. I still have a vivid memory of heaven, and then falling into this place after getting clear on my goals and creating my character…

Sure, I’ve been hooked since then more than once on illusions, but I’ve not forgotten… I’m an intentional being… I came here, into this dream we seem to share, but not to merely share dreams… but to join with my great companions to assist in the GREAT AWAKENING WE’RE ALL SEEING NOW…

Just watch at Spirit’s magnificence… I think you’ll enjoy the show…

remember: We’re the authors of the dream… and for some time we may dream… but we are not the dream… but quite real, permanent and eternal, beloved and cherished by the most high.

🙂 Blessings


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