Trust in God’s love

So I had a spat of seeming unfortunate luck when two weeks ago I broke my wrist when I fell while skateboarding. Perhaps I shouldn’t be skateboarding at age 62, but everything has a reason.

I just got out of surgery and I’m looking at about two more months of recovery before I will be able to play inspiring music to lift the hearts of those who might not remember their worthiness, their innocence, their unlimited potential as well their eternal nature. For now I play music solely for the purpose to inspire and the money is entirely irrelevant although it does evidence that someone appreciates it, which is nice. The real payoff is when a somber mood turns joyful.

I have been able to evidence to my new community in Oregon that I am unfazed by seeming unfortunate occurrences simply because I’ve made some progress in learning how to trust God.

I have given others who are servants of God an opportunity to serve me a little bit. It’s not been easy because I never like to evidence weakness of any kind.

Fear is the only proof of weakness.

I trust God when it comes to money. I trust God when it comes to physical health. I trust God when it comes to interactions with other people and I trust God when exercising my freedom to speak whatever the Holy Spirit chooses to have me say.

Maybe you have a god in this world if you believe that money will save you or you believe that special friends or popularity with followers and status in your community improves your value or you believe that you have to plan every situation and every minute of every day. Maybe you believe that pills or fluid injected into your veins will save you. These are the gods of the world that you would place before Him.

How many here are choosing to train their mind to trust in God? This is the holy work that begins by accepting the ideas presented by those who are truly devoted to God. How many have facilitated miracle after miracle by trusting in God. All of the money we hoard exposes our lack of faith.

God’s love is not the kind of love that is valued in the world. God’s love reminds us of our innocence our unlimited potential, our worthiness, and our eternal nature. It tells us where to go what to do who to speak to and what to say. The Holy Spirit, the voice for God, guides every interaction in this world and sets up opportunities for us to learn important lessons about how to trust God. You, who are God’s favorite child, are gently being brought closer to Him. You can facilitate this process by offering your little willingness by asking questions to the Holy Spirit through your intuition and through prayer.

If you are reading this and doubting me, it evidences that you have not yet exercised your privilege as God’s holy child by asking directly to the Holy Spirit for his guidance. As it goes, however, arrogance does not ask — for it thinks that it knows everything it needs to know through its experiences and through its perception and judgment of those limited perceptions. It does not believe that everything has a meaning and a purpose that changes.

Your false gods are but a way to delay the inevitable, since your true nature will always beckon to have you return to the love of God. The holy spirit is easily capable of delivering the lessons that would evidence God’s love, but you who put your faith in littleness and defenses will only find misery and all the different forms of death instead of pure happiness and joyful trust.

Open your mind and take some time everyday for God so that he can guide you and remind you of his unending love through every servant he has in the world. These are the Angels who have accepted bodies so that they can be the teachers of God’s love. These are the ones who don’t hesitate to act from inspired intuitive guidance. These are the teachers of God.

You are a teacher. My question is are you teaching love or are you teaching fear? Thus is the limit of your choices.

Your generosity is also evidence of your trust in God. Consider practicing the virtues of God’s teachers:


Thank you for joining me in this little exercise while I am recovering from surgery. Please commit to evidencing your trust in God and treating each thing that you receive in the world as nothing but a tool to use for inspiring the others who the Holy Spirit has sent you, as we walk in gratitude to love.

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