Looking fear and lack in the eye!

This young woman claims to have two boys at the “casa”, so at least she’s not homeless.  Last week I ministered to her to remind her that she’s an able-bodied woman who should be working instead of believing in lack and teaching it.  On this day, she got up immediately when I got close enough for a good pic, and then some guy defended her right to beg in peace exclaiming that “it’s not nice” to disturb them.  I tried to engage him in conversation, but the subject was so difficult for him to review that he asked me to leave him alone also.

Today I was feeling particularly strong, so I went out in search of beggars to minister to them and put a coin in their cup, or whatever inspired me.  I saw them as teachers of the world, teaching fear and lack, with a sad countenance.

At this point, I had seen this as a request for comfort and love.  As a teacher of God, I am working to teach love’s meaning, which suggests we are always abundant and we can be happy with whatever we look upon.

To teach that you are a victim can be considered attack on the Holy Son of God, as it is a guilt projection.

This able-bodied young man was caught here at the Sagrada Familia begging for change and probably pulls down as much as anyone working full-time in Barcelona. He is so ashamed of teaching lack, that he refuses to show his face.

Subtly, the sad face of the beggar communicates that he was made poor by YOU and that because YOU are responsible, YOU must now pay.

Let’s remember that there’s a reason to be happy, and that judgment will prevent seeing the truth, the way things really are.  We need to keep an open mind, and one that chooses to see love, and moreover, extend it without fear of consequences or concerns for seeming less special, for we would gladly make that “sacrifice” for love.

There is a promise made, and that is that when we do the work of the Holy Spirit, our funding is guaranteed.  That we will always have enough when we do God’s work.

Even if we refuse  God’s work, we’re still being used for salvation by the Holy Spirit, since He is doing God’s will, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.  We might as well participate willingly then…  and we will be blessed with abundance.  Until then we won’t realize it.

This fella has been at this location begging as a regular job. He’s got a sign saying that he’s looking for work, but it’s more likely that he’s making a better wage playing on people’s sympathy by begging.  He tried to avoid my camera at first, but then sneered as I took his picture.

To forget, not realizing you have access to your divine inheritance, is to not see it, and thus, not be able to use it.

If this post makes you angry, I do hope you’ll forgive me. It’s a tough subject for some people. It asks the question “Are there really victims?” and “What if it happened to me or you?”. But now I ask the obvious question: What caused this condition? Could it have been a mistake of identity? The simple result of having forgotten one’s inheritance?

In some cases, I was inspired to put a bit of change in the cup of these fine people, but I refuse to consider them victims, for their good and mine. Quite to the contrary, I believe that if I don’t buy into their victim consciousness, then I’m able to truly be of service to them, reminding them of the truth of abundance — which is the very reason that they’re in their self-created predicament.

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