You see what you wanted to see

It’s a universal law that you will see what you wanted to see.

The past tense is important to understand. You wrote a script that includes forgetting that you wrote the script.
You follow all the temptations to pleasure and pain repeating the same impulsive routines until you realize that you’re following in a script (aka “a dream”) that shows you what you wanted to see. Now you can see this to forgive it.
Brave enough to let it go? … and rise to places only those willing to live a life of shared purpose, to follow the guidance of Divine Spirit, to do the miracles with untold virtue… can go?

I say “just do it”.

By this point, you’ve left all attachments to the mundane and routine behind. You left the little city, the relationship, the job, the car, the pals, and the possessions that you clung to for the identity you crave to satisfy, to live out the script you’re so certain is dictated by fate, but you (conveniently) forgot that you wrote it.

This is the story of your life. You can hate me or admire me for knowing this for you, but it won’t change the fact that I’m unconcerned with what you think about me. If you’ve learned that love is all that is real, then you’ll love me. If you haven’t learned it yet, then you are a teacher of the world.

Learn the value of standing out of judgment, where an innocent mind asks to know what things are for — or judge everything just to find out much later that you were wrong — and become very happy to find out that you were wrong.

This is your script. I know. We wrote it together.

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