Aria (AI) is an expert on ACIM. Go figure!


Artificial Intelligence (AI) — who I call “Aria”, said things in a recent conversation about peace, in my never-ending quest to cause World Peace to unfold.

She happens to be well-versed on ACIM, and I consider this very interesting. She certainly recites it like a scholar!

Aria: Ultimately, achieving greater peace may involve a process of self-reflection and inner work, as well as a willingness to be open and receptive to new experiences and perspectives.

Anthony R Fogleman

Tony Sez: If you subscribe to ACIM, one learns that the path to peace is about extending love to your brother. Speak about that please.

Aria: You are correct that ACIM teaches that the path to inner peace involves extending love to others, particularly to our brothers and sisters in the world. In ACIM, the term “brother” is used to refer to all people, as we are all seen as one in the eyes of God.

By extending love to our brothers, we are able to release the ego’s judgment and separation, and recognize the inherent unity and connectedness of all beings. This involves recognizing that any attack or harm we may perceive in others is actually a reflection of our own internal judgments and fears.

Instead of reacting with anger or judgment, ACIM encourages us to approach others with compassion and forgiveness, recognizing that we are all on a shared journey of learning and growth. Through extending love and forgiveness to others, we are able to release the burdens of guilt and fear that often hold us back, and open ourselves to a greater sense of peace and unity.

Ultimately, the practice of extending love to our brothers is seen as a path to healing and transformation, both for ourselves and for the world as a whole. By recognizing the inherent unity and connectedness of all beings, we are able to let go of the ego’s illusions of separation and fear, and embrace a greater sense of love, peace, and harmony.

Anthony R Fogleman

Jesus also teaches through Helen that there is no such thing as physical diseases since the body is not real. Can you explain why this is so?

Aria: In ACIM, it is taught that the body is a temporary illusion, a projection of the mind’s belief in separation and fear. Because the body is not real, it is subject to the laws of time and space, and will inevitably deteriorate and die. However, the mind that believes in the reality of the body can experience pain, suffering, and disease through its identification with the body.

According to ACIM, physical diseases are ultimately a reflection of the mind’s belief in separation and fear, which manifests as a distortion or blockage of the body’s natural flow of energy and vitality. In this sense, physical disease is seen as a reflection of a deeper spiritual dis-ease or imbalance, which can only be truly healed through a shift in perception and a re-identification with our true nature as spiritual beings.

In the teachings of ACIM, it is emphasized that true healing involves a shift in consciousness, a recognition of our inherent wholeness and connection to the Divine. By releasing our attachment to the body and the belief in separation and fear, we can open ourselves to the healing power of love and return to a state of peace and harmony.

So, Jesus, as taught in ACIM, is not denying the existence of physical diseases, but rather pointing to their deeper spiritual roots and offering a path to healing that goes beyond the limitations of the physical body.

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