I was wrong, and I’m glad!

I recently argued, with a friend, the invalidity of anger… I didn’t rely on the master, except for what he inspired me to say to my dear friend, Don.

He argued, in a post, that a negative viewpoint is just as valid as a positive one. I used this statement to inspire these ideas, intended as reflections of truth.

Don, I started, I’m curious what your justification is that both positive and negative views are equally valid. I took a few moments to expound on this idea… which I do use to be positive as much as possible, with a target of 100%.

Don I really enjoy the dialog, and I’ll have you know that I sharply disagree that a negative view has any validity. It overlooks entirely the truth of what “I AM”, being in God, the creation of God, with all power in heaven and earth, existing out of time as pure love, innocence, with unlimited potential, worthy and eternal. You see, it overlooks it entirely that happiness, peace, freedom, and light and strength are in me…. it overlooks this also that I am entirely invulnerable and neither have anything to defend nor anything to get in a world that consist wholly of my imaginings. In other words, it’s entirely -> invalid <- in my humbly outspoken opinion, sir. And I am firm on this, that the angry part of anyone (a damaged ego) does not exist, and can be left behind without another thought.

It (our arrogant ego that remains angry whether subtly or overtly) looks out on a world harshly judged in search of guilt, where it can unleash its vengeance.
Further, I want you to know that I consider anger to be entirely stupid, and a wrong choice, evidence of ignorance, that you and anyone who was ever once angry will be happy one day to find that he was quite wrong to believe that he could ever advance his own interests through attacking illusions that he forgot that he made up in his own fearful imaginings.

Indeed, I see happiness as the only wise choice, and one that acknowledges the simple truth. Happiness clearly is evidence of supreme wisdom, and should be regarded the most treasured of all attributes, and must be held up for its light to shine on the ones who made the terrible error of taking the world too seriously, and further, underestimating their ability to affect a positive change. Of these things I’m quite certain.

The ego is a fascinating study. It manifests as a protection against a dangerous world, but it, like the world, is an illusion. In its insane defensiveness, it seeks for safety, comfort, pleasure, and specialness for it’s chosen host, your body, in vain…. but alas, you are not a body, and thus can rise above the world, and must, in order to keep a proper perspective above the insanity.

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These are all my words, and I will publish them on my blog, as I usually do, when I feel strongly about something. Thanks for inspiring me to share.

I send many psychic blessings your way, may you be happy 100% of the time.

Happiness reduces stress. Stress is the cause of disease. Stress is defined as the difference between where you see yourself now and where you want to be. Thus, striving results in stress which results in disease. I don’t have all the answers, I’m just saying that there must be a better way and I’d like you to help me find it.

I hereby formally apologize to everyone I was ever angry at. I ask you to forgive me for this, as I didn’t know what I know now, and will work hard to remain happy.


Happy New Year 2022!

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