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Free your relationships & give up control

what we choose to see our power gives the universe to demonstrate itself with every idea

The Power of Magic

The idea of magic has been already reviewed by the great thinkers. It’s not the simplest of lessons until the power that is in you is revealed in all its splendor. Perhaps you can bend spoons, either with your mind or your hand, but it is but with your mind that you share the peace of […]

Certain existence of Spirit

The Holy Spirit and angels are referenced commonly by those who have deduced the truth with a peaceful and open mind. The essence of trust, and walking in certainty lies in the awareness of your “comforting friend”, who’s found by entering the holy instant, with Him. What does this mean, really? Well, your mind can […]

Looking fear and lack in the eye!

Today I was feeling particularly strong, so I went out in search of beggars to minister to them and put a coin in their cup, or whatever inspired me.  I saw them as teachers of the world, teaching fear and lack, with a sad countenance. At this point, I had seen this as a request […]

Blackbirds in Mexico

One day while hiking around on Isla Mujeres in the Yucutan Peninsula of Mexico, I came across a blackbird making lots of noise. She was screaming, perhaps about not being able to eat a certain caterpillar, who was climbing a vertical wall below where miss blackbird was perched… Enjoy the best of the best and […]

Living at the Beach, a photo-essay

Huge piles of these bulbous seaweeds congregate then disappear the next day. Where did they go? Where are they from? Who will fess up?

Travel Ministry

I’m on the road!!!  I’m so excited. I just left Asheville and I’ve been staying at my dear friend, Gerard’s in Greenville, SC.  I will be making my way to New Orleans first, and then heading west across Texas and north to Colorado. Ultimately, I will make it to Seattle, where Carole Antun will be […]

On a HAPPY note…

If we’ve been wrong, and life actually is just a dream from which we will awaken, as the wayshowers suggest… …Perhaps we can, for just a moment, come to a place where we laugh at everything once held sacred, making a simple choice to be free of everything once held sacred or valuable, throwing all […]

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