How far back do you remember?

I ask this question to quite a number of people, since I do have a rather involved memory of the past.

I do not age.

My body, which is a possession, is subject to the effect of time. I am not.
I am eternal. I expressly remember the formlessness along with many details about it.

If you don’t remember your inheritance, you can ask to restore your memory, which was intentionally damaged so you could play along with the “rules” of the world by believing it real — along with the body.
The world represents illusions, engenders fear, and makes attack seem to have real effects.

While illusions are preferred over reality, you won’t be willing to consider anything to be more real than your body. You won’t know yourself as spirit, eternal, innocent, unlimited, worthy. While fixated on illusions, you attack Love.

You can always ask for the truth. It waits for just this open mind to illuminate you with its glory. Arrogant egos don’t ask, however; since they they assume they know everything, and nothing is further from the truth while also being factual.

Identification with ego, thus, is a barrier to truth.

Each soul, forever connected, will traverse these barriers to truth, and will come to know Self. This is real healing. The knowledge of one’s Self is the only true reason for authentic gratitude. All others are but reflections of the truth.

With heaven’s’ perspective, time is irrelevant, and the limits that time, space and form impose upon love are seen as obvious attack on the invulnerable.

As it goes, following enlightenment, you will be exceedingly happy that you were wrong about your assumed identity based on worldly illusions.

The truth is everyone’s destiny. The world is waking, individually and as a whole. As we draw nearer the truth, illusions lose their ability to satisfy the waking mind as spiritual values replace the temporal.

To be at peace is as much a choice as to remain in a state where conflicting goals cause suffering. As we progress, the temptation to receive truth grows stronger, and illusions lose their grip on their captives.

Truth is thus in everyone’s future, and we will remember our eternality.
The advantage to advancing ahead of the class is to diminish suffering, an experience that requires belief in illusions.

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  1. Norm says:

    Well Well Well Sir Folgle/Dober Man
    God loves you and so do I

    Nahme, the professional fire in the works Manager
    And Sly Sky Jet Pilot

    Pray please that I write complete the Sreenplay by June 2020. Please create me a blog like this one or show me how

  2. Anthony says:

    You now have the scrnplay June 2020!
    You need but register a domain, and I can help you with any part of it. I can build blogs in my sleep.
    🙂 Love you to, bro! for all the word to note

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