Europe Travel

My first experience of Europe was completely and totally amazing and wonderful beyond my wildest expectations.

From left to right, Rebecca Solaraclim Playfair, Lwx Votan, Shailesh (me) in Mexico

It all started when in Palenque, I met the illustrious Lwx Votan along with many others who were caught up in all the Maya and natural time calendar activities.


Lwx invited me to assist with the opening of the Portal Diamante, which was a huge success.


I assisted with the creation and hosting of the web site as well as with some logistics and planning.


I have enjoyed myself beyond what one can easily describe that I don’t really know where to begin.


Currently I’m in Barcelona, Spain, as you can see from the following pics..


.TibiDabo-7 sagrada_familia-2 TibiDabo-1 TibiDabo-2 TibiDabo-4

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