Head or Heart? What causes what?

The question of whether you live in your heart or your head… ??? I’ve heard this proposed many times. In most contexts, it has one of two arguments… either it is one that suggests ideas, which must be thoughts, coming from the head, are the cause of feelings, coming from the heart. The other argument, that the heart causes the mind’s ideas, is that being sensitive to guidance tells us about our surroundings and how to safely act.

Some people want an answer to this question, as though there’s an option as to how it’s believed or that it matters, or can even be discussed at all.


Consider that your judgmental mind and your loving grateful mind is all part of your consciousness of who you are and your world around you. In the case where you listen to your compassionate side, you will let go of judgment, and find love to be real. In the other case, you might choose to listen instead to your judgmental critical mind, and when you feel like crap, dirty and sinful as a result, don’t be surprised.

TibiDabo-2It is because of the above that most of the followers say “follow your heart not your mind” or “the heart leads the mind”. Their counterparts say the opposite, that “the mind is the cause of how you feel”.

Perhaps both are right. Maybe we have a choice whether to be gentle, and find out which way to go and what to think by asking. Maybe we don’t have to judge. Call it what you will: Head or heart.

Consider this: You’re the one deciding whether to give energy to experiencing (feeling) or conceptualizing (thinking) and meditating (observing), manifesting (intentionally bringing into form), elevating (raising one’s vibratory frequency through prayer), or possibly having surrendered completely in trust and finally asking, listening, and acting upon your guidance.

Ultimately, you will find yourself rising above the battleground where a world seems real and bodies play the major roles.  You will be the master of your experience, and you will observe bodies for what they serve in the greater plan of mankind’s awakening.  It is you who must solve this equation, for you may not allow your brother to sleep, and while you do, you’ll never experience completion.

Blessings to you that you experience completion.

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