The special guru

Once there was a guru, so wise and so true
He knew the secrets of the universe, it’s all he knew to do
His followers adored him, they showered him with love
And he soaked it up like sunshine, he thought it was a gift from above

He basked in their specialness, he loved to be their star
But little did he know, it would lead him oh so far
His ego grew and grew, until he could not see
That his addiction to their specialness, would be the death of him and me

His followers tried to warn him, they said “Guru, you must let go”
But he was too addicted, he could not see it though
He thought he knew the truth, but the truth was far from him
For he was blind to his own ego, and the specialness it did bring

So he continued on his path, and his followers did too
But in the end, the guru fell, and his followers fell with him too
For they were addicted to his specialness, and could not let it go
And so they all fell down, like dominos in a row

So let this be a lesson, to all the gurus and their flock
That specialness is fleeting, and it’s not worth the shock
Of falling from your pedestal, and taking all with you
For true liberation comes, when you let go of safety, comfort, pleasure, and specialness too.

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