Enjoy a healthy body, free of disease

If you knew how much of your food actually was digested, you’d probably eat far less than you do.

About the average American diet, I believe I can say this with authority after having lived as a student yogi for many years, with a relatively pure diet, primarily vegetarian (some fish, dairy and eggs) since 1979. Now, in 2016, I’ve been experimenting with diet for some 37 years, and the information is very valuable to people who are suffering.

I’ve experimented with mono-diets, fasting, macrobiotics and what I call prana diet (eating exactly what comes to mind as soon as you get hungry).

I am aware of nothing (shy of prayer) that works to heal as easily as simply eating a healthy diet.

If you ignore this type of information, you deny science that spans over 5,000 years, including that of the Chinese herbalists, some of the most capable of healing the body. We pay into a rigged medical system by giving the AMA and the Allopathic system, so proficient at removing symptoms, driving the source deeper until the systems start to fail. But barely living is hardly living. I believe that vital living should include frequent exercise, so I bike 10 or 20 miles per day. I enjoy exercise greatly. This also puts me in close proximity to strangers, where some of the most interesting psychological experiences can be found, the testing ground for miracle work.

With an open mind, you don’t consider yourself a doctor until you’ve reviewed the readings (diagnoses with treatment plan) of Edgar Cayce. Some 20,000 readings instructs us how to cure nearly every known disease.

In fact, I do feel remiss to know of all this valuable information and not share it regularly as a therapist. When it comes to restoring health and keeping it, and moreover, appreciating it, I am very much in-the-know.

Now as a spiritual healer, I understand that all disease is of the mind so this is the only place it can be healed. To help understand how this relates to healing, consider that a bad habit is just a way of punishing ones self for a subtle sense of guilt caused by the failure to bring to peace something experienced in the past or something that represents the treasuring of guilt. Ultimately, this is our only disease. Once this begins to be corrected, health can emerge as purifying and rejuvenating instantly.

I wish to go into more detail about the various methods of healing. This is a very exciting topic, since many people don’t really know which direction to turn with their physical issues.

Please post any question here or email me directly with medical concerns.

Naturally, the first thing we do is pray. From there, there’s no telling what you might be guided to do for your health or the health of your loved ones.

True healing is of the mind.

Critiques of my Pollyanna mindset suggest I’m not honest by refusing to focus on the negative with a righteously indignant complaint.

Reason after reason for complaint is presented, and through smiles and chuckles, I respond with utter denial, but not with the reasoning most seem willing to fathom.

I choose to see what was once seen as negative in a new light where it’s illusion was shined away by Truth.
It would have been rejected, but is now offered release from illusions with forgiveness using a perspective that does not judge.

If you’ve ever used this type of healing work, you know how powerful is a trained mind seen for what it is, a holy tool, that when offered to the Holy Spirit’s goal, is under divine ordination that empowers awakening to love — not to be overlooked or laid by once found.

It gives the world a happy solution, seen again with love. It gives the Pollyanna a stronger case than the one who didn’t yet exercise the power of his mind to heal.

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