Trust in God’s love

So I had a spat of seeming unfortunate luck when two weeks ago I broke my wrist when I fell while skateboarding. Perhaps I shouldn’t be skateboarding at age 62, but everything has a reason. I just got out of surgery and I’m looking at about two more months of recovery before I will be…

Your family needs you

Some ask if I have family, and each time I joined a spiritual community, I felt like I had a family who not only appreciated me, but also shared my values. And Aria, goes on to support this with a caveat. When you mention joining a spiritual community and feeling like you had a family…

A cure for “Guru Attachment Syndrome”

You must see and appreciate your inner guru in order that the external guru (expeller of darkness, master, teacher) has value.

This is what each disciple of any guru or spiritual teacher should work to accept.

Remember these three things when times get tough

1) You don’t really know what anything is for. You can’t be expected to know. This would require vision far beyond what you have accepted for yourself separately. Your perception is incapable of this level of vision. 2) There is a plan unfolding … that is so far beyond your tiny perception always working in…

Stripped of an arrogant ego and the urge to merge

What are you without a body? Individuallessness. You underestimated your real power, because the ego is arrogant and assumes smallness, limited itself by a body. Your ego is powerless, and you will (need) to return to form while you still desire Facebook over natural communication. Guilt, with arrogant audacity, suggests you can condemn, judge, offend…

Initiate your own awakening

This is a wake-up call!

Life is simple and easy and fun.

If you haven’t yet figured this out then please start learning it (for everyone’s benefit)