Organized Religion – Is it right for you?

There are a number of ways to see the value of organized religion. I have nothing against it, except to say that the content can be love or fear, and which one determines whether it teaches the truth or a lie. It can help inspire one to look within. For others, it is just another way to judge while still looking for sin and guilt, believing they are real.

This is the defining factor of a religion of the world or one of God. If it supports the cherishing of illusions, it is teaching to see what is not there, and thus, cannot be much help in finding God.

Rarely to people see the ideas of separation as a religion, however, this is the main religion of the world, pushing the belief that sin and guilt is real, and that bodies are real, and further that they are the cause of our experience. It fails to acknowledge the power of the decision of the Son of God (you and I) nor does it recognize the power of the Holy Spirit to teach us and wake up God’s sleeping child.

I can’t speak for other people on spiritual travels, but I can say that for me, I’m finding God in my innocent and forgiven brother. This is how Christ taught us to find God. Also, we are to ask the Holy Spirit where it would have us go, what it would have us do, with whom to speak and what to say. True surrender happens when we have gotten a glimmer of God, and wish to serve in the best way that the Holy Spirit would have us server. Forget not your brother nor the Holy Spirit that guides him also. He to you and you to him, each are called and both will answer, because you cannot change a divine plan that you are an important part of. The Holy Spirit will use all you give to him for your teaching and for the teaching to the world His love.

Whether you’ve found God is one thing. Whether you trust him is yet another question. When you do, you won’t question anything, because your trust would be perfect, and you would have returned to peace of mind.

It is not only a goal to find God, but to know Him also. Before any of this, we hope to teach love, God’s truth — not fear — which binds the world with beliefs of sin and guilt.

Be aware of the teaching of your minister, and make certain that he/she is happy. This is the mark of God’s teachers. They are eternally happy because fear has been removed through trust, and now nothing stands in the way of joy.

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