How well do I know myself?

I don’t really know how serious I really am about finding a mate, since I’ve been happily single for so long. I like the idea of new friends to share good times and allow sharing from the heart. I’m a good listener.

I’ve done lots of spiritual counseling over the years, and live by miracles through prayer. I’ve seen too much outside the realm of the world to lack faith and conviction. I subscribe to no religions, yet am willing to accept all of them as true for those who believe it. Secretly, I believe them all, and chuckle about it. Some religions have such colorful histories, and yet their followers all teach the same thing. I’ve learned that two things can occupy the same space and simultaneously exist in two places at once, as our spiritual path is laden with paradoxes due to a split mind. One is limited to time and space, and fears its death, while the other exists outside time and space, is eternal, defenseless, innocent and pure. Where do you hang out?

I’m original, inspired, fun and free as a bird with peaceful intentions. An open book, no shame.

Everything is sacred, and I gladly share a goal of peace of mind and simplicity, authenticity, and to never take things too seriously. Let go of the past, forgive, and be present now. May you learn what it means to be free of any bondage, and remember your true home.

May you see the wisdom in relinquishing the attraction to guilt, and may you have the courage to leap off the inner precipice, and fly free of your body, returning with knowledge of your true self.

All people are equal in God’s eyes, and I’m learning to see this way too.

Each of us have our own way of seeing others. I’m not lacking in self-esteem, and I acknowledge the purpose of my body, to communicate love.

Unconcerned with time, I’m coming up close to this life’s 50th sun orbit. I look in the mirror, and see a young man, excited about the mystery spirit has in store for him today, but unsure exactly how to act. I look into a face reflecting a man that is a complete mystery to me. I certainly don’t know him very well yet, but I’m willing to learn.

Some say they hate drama. They must need it for their lesson, that is, if it keeps coming back to them… each time, another chance to do it again with less fear and more faith.

I’m committed to finding humor in it all.

I’ve chosen to see the world in a way contradictory to common views, but they’re also changing, and more quickly now than ever. Humanity is waking, and I with it.

As a youngster I studied with yoga masters, and assumed I would not reach enlightenment in this life. I think I understand what this noble goal of enlightenment is. I have very little that attracts me to forms. Because I still admire them, I know that I’m not there yet, but perhaps today. I notice how distractions pull my focus from my work.

The yogic fire helps to burns impurities at a high rate but only for the purpose of being peaceful. We must go beyond the body to awaken.

I’ve been dedicated to walking a high path for a long while, and yet I’ve got a great deal more work to do here.

Today I did get in touch with the fact that others might perceive me as being unwilling to make compromises, and be unwilling to commit to much other than one moment at a time. Now is the only time we have. My freedom is my inheritance, and I need not commit to any special relationships. I will commit, however, to being 100% present.

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