Stripped of an arrogant ego and the urge to merge

What are you without a body?


You underestimated your real power, because the ego is arrogant and assumes smallness, limited itself by a body.

Your ego is powerless, and you will (need) to return to form while you still desire Facebook over natural communication.

Guilt, with arrogant audacity, suggests you can condemn, judge, offend or in some way reduce the glory of God’s Holy Child, forever innocent, unlimited, worthy and eternal.

You will return to the formlessness that you came from before the last birth, but won’t remain in paradise long — as I do understand from authority — while you insist on not remembering and choose attack over peace, fear over love.  For you will return for another round of illusions.

Such suffering could never be meted out eternally, however; which is good news for most, since it only requires a few, in Christ, to cause atonement for all to be quite rapidly delivered even to the door of those assuming the most arrogant small attacker.

It’s just and fair that he be properly stripped of an arrogant ego, for his own good, as the world will continue to extract an offering that has a cleansing effect on its offspring.”

This doesn’t define war, but does suggest that a loving God will let you come to know him even while you believe that it is a frightening prospect.  With so much attack, defense and guilt, life on earth is utterly irreconcilable.  I believe we have a truly loving God, however; I don’t believe that he has any concern for earth, nor its bodies.

This little rambling was only intended to get you to think about your existence as an individual.

I think it is correct to state generally most people fear the loss of their individuality.  I understand this fear of merging, however; I’m quite clear that we really want to merge.  I do believe that we really have nothing at all to fear since our merging is not a matter of choice, but a certainty that’s already assured by God.  Indeed, it should be considered something already done, while not appearing to be so in a world of separation.

So I suggest we celebrate our one-ness, despite the appearances.

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