Blackbirds in Mexico

One day while hiking around on Isla Mujeres in the Yucutan Peninsula of Mexico, I came across a blackbird making lots of noise.

Way cool Blackbird
Way cool Blackbird in Mexico was making lots of noise, as they commonly do.
Used in Zina’s Blog:

She was screaming, perhaps about not being able to eat a certain caterpillar, who was climbing a vertical wall below where miss blackbird was perched…

2013-01-18 16.35.37
Caterpillars look formidable when photographed using a super-close macro and facing off with them. Oooh, I’m scared!
2013-01-18 16.33.51
Notice the distinctly Mexican way this creature walks, in defiance of your audacious, self-centered gringo attitude.

Enjoy the best of the best and treat yourself to wandering, as I and this Mexican bug has done.




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