Depression – The cause and the cure

As a healer, I am naturally concerned with the conditions that people suffer from. One of the big concerns these days, particularly, is depression.

A web page that ranks #1 searching only for one word, depression, has the following information for you to review…

In general, treatments for depression include:
Medications called antidepressants
Talk therapy, called psychotherapy

Now, you could believe everything you read, in which case, you should read about the cause of depression.

Different people say different things. The ones who definitely don’t know, may even say so…

“The exact cause of depression is not known. Many researchers believe it is caused by chemical changes in the brain. This may be due to a problem with your genes, or triggered by certain stressful events. More likely, it’s a combination of both.

Some types of depression run in families. But depression can also occur if you have no family history of the illness. Anyone can develop depression, even kids.”

It is not accurate to suggest that the exact cause is unknown, since we do know the cause… it is explained here:

“When you equate yourself with a body you will always experience depression.”

“There is nothing so frustrating to a learner as a curriculum he cannot learn. His sense of adequacy suffers, and he must become depressed. Being faced with an impossible learning situation is the most depressing thing in the world. In fact, it is ultimately why the world itself is depressing. The Holy Spirit’s curriculum is never depressing, because it is a curriculum of joy. Whenever the reaction to learning is depression, it is because the true goal of the curriculum has been lost sight of.”

I cannot do much more than this to treat your depression. Feel free to call me if you’d like the second type of treatment (psychotherapy). The first kind (antidepressants) is proven to not work very well… and indeed, may be currently resulting in what I call the zombification of the attackers on Earth. They are systematically being desensitized by the pharmaceutical companies who are clearly profit-motivated, and this is clearly an error. Please speak up for what you know to be true.

Curing depression starts by seeing it as normal. One must focus on joyous things or they will definitely be depressed. It’s OK to be depressed. There’s nothing “wrong” other than your choice of how you would direct your mind.

Consider that you can either love or fear with each thought. There are ONLY these two types of thoughts. One leads to misery, which includes depression. The other leads to freedom and inspiration, and joy, love, and yes, God. Ask me again what God is…. this is the simple answer. You are always connected to God, and because of your power, you can deny it, and appear to be separated. This is no more than an error.

Thank you for sharing.

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