Good news for you people needing a job or a good place to put your investment dollar. <WARNING: this message contains sarcasm>

You too can own stock in CCA leader in the business of corrections (AKA punishment and imprisonment of our brother) Their stock is doing quite well, (XNYS:CXW) they’ve got lots of jobs! Go getcha one right now, aw, heck, why not make a few bucks at your brother’s expense… got plenty of cash already? … then consider investing … that’ll teach ’em to mess with you, plus, you’re making sure there’s still a place to put anyone who pisses you off. Hey, you can even use your profits from CXW to pay the attorney to prosecute your trumped up charges!

Sometimes I use this venue to show you what some may not like looking at, but this is how we heal it. First we look at it, then we forgive it. Without looking first, we can’t expect sickness kept in darkness to be healed — now can we?

So where’s that good ‘ol American pride for being in the land of the FREE? How come you’re not so proud of imprisoning your brother and standing by watching as innocent people are sentenced to long periods of isolation — and mostly because of insane laws that have made criminals out of ordinary people? Mostly men, this is certainly due in-part to the feminist movement which projects guilt on men, puts dangerous men behind bars, leaving only the gentlemen to linger. This, of course, leaves neurotic women left behind to curse the men in jail, which is their own payment for investing in guilt. Serves the bastard right! Right? Right! Well, at the expense of your freedom too.

Support a movement that releases enough prisoners to put us on par with other countries. This would be possible if we would re-schedule marijuana as a safe drug, that is optional for citizens to use at their own discretion. This would result in a 20% reduction immediately.

Read the story at NORML:

The United States has less than 5% of the world’s population and 23% of the world’s prison population.

What this means is that we would need to reduce the number of inmates by 80% in order to get on par with the rest of the world.  I think that Americans should be willing to reconsider how they’ve cast a verdict of guilt on the innocence of our brothers.  That is all.  I pray knowing that it’s done as I speak it, and so it is.

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