Listen to the Divine Loving Voice

Many profess to be living their lives, but what does that mean?

Some have awakened to the simple fact that all actions are guided, and further, that they represent the best thing for us to do and think about, and ultimately learn to forgive (to see again properly).

If you think we know what is the purpose and function for anything (your body, others’ bodies, creatures, experiences or things), then be happy you were wrong.  The True purpose of yourself and any every other person (independent of bodies) is for love to be made known.  This is what we teachers of God refer to as “forgiveness”.  This simple fact is known by the Guide, but you can choose to make another purpose, if you decide to have a selfish (separated or worldly) goal.

If you’re ready to find out what God wrote upon each of these things (including your body), you must first remove what you believed it was for.

This is a process of un-doing the world’s teaching of fear, which is sometimes apparent.  Sometimes fearful teachings are not so obvious, but regardless how subtle they appear at first, they can be observed for what they really are simply by asking.  Ultimately, each fear represents a request for love.  For it is not without love that any fear will dissolve to nothingness, and be gently replaced by what heals.

With many stories in my past of times when I was seeking the worldly goals of safety, comfort, pleasure and specialness, I can speak with some amount of confidence when I say: “Peace would be my only goal”.

Now, with a life of supreme simplicity, I find myself literally above my body, and directing my actions from a peaceful place.  Each goal involves putting a smile on someone’s face by simply acting on the intuitive voice I have been learning to listen to.

It says: “I’m innocent and Holy, and cannot be hurt or harmed in any way”.  It’s free to tell me what to do, and it happens naturally.  It tells me occasionally to apply one of the many gifts given me to convey His teaching of Love.

Because this ministry is so dependent on a voice that speaks for Love, it keeps me wondering what it will tell me to do next.  Because it is so much fun to listen and act on messages sent me, I would not attempt to plan anything.  Instead, I am pleasantly surprised each time I’m inspired to act on behalf of this Divine Loving Voice.

Might you also find the guts to go after glory.  Find it everywhere you look with His Love for the same.  You’ll find it for sure.  Settle NOT for substitutions, for they’re plentiful yet satisfy only a sickness that tries to remain alive here on Earth.  It cannot live in Heaven, and Heaven is coming to this world, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot!  You are in full control of its coming, and somewhere inside you know this.

You and I have the inevitable task of finding peace.  We do this work together.  Please engage me.  This is the reason this body is here, that it may serve the Divine Loving Voice that speaks of the Love of God.


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