A Prayer for Humanity

I have for a long time been working to bring a new mineral to the world, and I’ve not only spent a huge sum on it, but convinced many others to put in their time and money. On more than one occasion in the process, dissenters, disguised as partners, attempted to get it all for themselves, and failed miserably, as predicted, and then the lesson of greed was learned again.

These are my manifestations, and my own sense of worth, as a Child of God, is what makes me feel worthy of God’s love.

On earth, people simply get caught up in illusions.

Another is that a body has anything at all to offer the One Child of God. It is good to share your teaching. I see that you, perhaps, feel like you might have been slighted by the powers that be on earth, but this is merely all part of a well-contrived scheme to get you to fulfill a wish to separate, forgetting that you cannot be alone, so we are not to feel separate. And we are, indeed, connected to each Child of God, as they are us, and we may have forgotten this, but each one’s success is mine and yours.

Please join me in gratitude for the a vision of peace on earth, where the divides are whole, and peace is the only goal, and we know our true identity, and live it fully, abundantly, and above all, happily.  Amen.

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