I accept donations, keeping my hand open to receive for those who would support my work, regardless how or why.

  • Maybe a post in my blog inspired you
  • Maybe we’re lifelong friends, and you just wanna say “I LOVE YOU TONY”
  • Maybe you’d like to support my travelling ministry
  • Maybe you appreciate one of the WordPress plugins that I wrote
  • Maybe you heard my music, and want to invest in more good vibes
  • Maybe you believe in my ability to succeed at bringing to the world the new Peruvian Mineral, and want to support GREAT work
  • Perhaps we met somewhere, and spirit gave me the words that changed your life
  • Maybe we had a SOM treatment that demonstrated and you’re expressing your gratitude

Whatever the reason, I want to say THANKS!
I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service, and I’m inspired that you are open to the flow.

Donate to any Amount to Tony’s Ministry of Love