Deliverance, dignity, and understated reverence

I’ve been accused of being self-centered, and unconcerned with others, but I assure you that this is only the appearances.  In reality, I’m quite reverent and I pay very close attention to everything.

One of the biggest errors in my life resulted from being less than expressive when I really could have said more that would have calmed my audience and built confidence.  Instead, I assumed that others shared my ability to empathise.

Based on the actions and words of others, it’s safe to say that I’ve been misunderstood in times past, and it’s challenging not to hold a grudge, and come to a place of perfect forgiveness.  I see this as the ultimate goal.  My alter-self (ego) sees the end game in total destruction of all I once held sacred, I see now must eventually be brought to love and peace.  In this statement, I acknowledge that it’s a simple error, and that my deliverance to love is inevitable.

All the good work I’ve done with my brother, Richard Fogleman, now, coming up on the 7th complete year since his untimely passing, it all seems like a very difficult dream.  It is a dream, however, that is certain to come to a happy ending.  I don’t expect this to be without some trials along the way, and lots of learning.

My brother, Richard and I, truly understood each other.  The things that people normally keep concealed could not remain hidden through the long hours of communications and the heart-felt relationship we shared.  It was with the Peruvian mineral project where our relationship underwent a welding process, and we knew the very heart of each other.  I have since come to have such profound respect and admiration for this man, and also acknowledge his indomitable nature, and that he must certainly still be able to affect what occurs in the world, to some great extent.  Should this be so, it would be greatly encouraging to know that I still have his support to continue the work we started.

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