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Looking fear and lack in the eye!

Today I was feeling particularly strong, so I went out in search of beggars to minister to them and put a coin in their cup, or whatever inspired me.  I saw them as teachers of the world, teaching fear and lack, with a sad countenance. At this point, I had seen this as a request […]

Is sex merely a teaching the body is real?

Sex is a belief a body is valuable for what it offers teaching the reality of bodies by teachers of the world.  Teachers of God teach that attack on the eternal is impossible and nothing is to be feared, but was only an error – already forgiven by God. Is sex an attack on the […]

Look for happiness

As a lover of life, I look for certain characteristics of God’s teachers in people I meet. It can be said that one gentleman, who I had the pleasure of meeting during my stay in Ocean Shores, WA, clearly has the characteristic of Joy. Michael works as a waiter and had I not encountered on […]

Rising above the world in Peace

I completed my journey across the USA, and have lots of stories to tell about perfect meetings and healing. We are so blessed to walk this earth together, you and I. I’m here in gratitude to remind you how important it is to laugh at life, which can only mean that you have found a […]

Loving my Life

Dear ones, As you know, I’ve been studying A Course in Miracles. This is a doctrine that clarifies the differences between truth and illusion. I understand the author, when he explains that it is a required course. I am very pleased to engage any discussion on this course of waking that the Course encourages. Thank […]

I am a humble student of truth

I am a humble student of truth. With a rather long history of seeking truth, altogether unconcerned with opinions, religious or otherwise, my quest began immediately following high school, in 1979, when I chose to live at a Yoga ashram and study under the masters of Yoga, Amrit Desai and Swami Kripalvananda. During the last […]

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