A cure for “Guru Attachment Syndrome”

You must see and appreciate your inner guru in order that the external guru (expeller of darkness, master, teacher) has value.

This is what each disciple of any guru or spiritual teacher should work to accept.

The Three Phases of Waking

From Victim to Empowered to Awake – by Anthony Fogleman In this world, we experience three distinct phases as we waken to Truth: Phase 1: Victim Once we identify with our body fully (usually around age 7) we (often) see ourselves as vulnerable, weak, and helpless … in short, a victim. We look out and…

How to be truly fearless enough to live fully

  Fearlessness is a result of self-assuredness, not conditions. With good listening to our inner voice, we are told where to go and what to do, and need have no fear. I started (this) life in Miami, when I fell from Heaven.  I find similarities in this world, but only really with people who are…