5 simple steps to heal a damaged self-image

Following the breakup of a personal relationship, after getting fired from a job, or perhaps upon finding out about a failed investment, one’s self-image can be at its lowest point. It is at this point a real solution is most important. Don’t wait until the crisis to heal the problem. Instead, be prepared by doing these exercises before the crisis.

Here’s some pointers to feel really good about yourself with an ever-increasing benefit.

Victim paradigm vs. Empowered paradigm: A lesson in gentleness

The victim paradigm has three points: Victim, perpetrator, rescuer. Acting as rescuer, attackers see the world as a cruel place where innocence is unprotected. They pose as friendly, searching for attackers. They assume a solution with a goal of repairing the wound and punishing the perpetrator. Rescuers defend their right to see the world through…