Enjoy a healthy body, free of disease

If you knew how much of your food actually was digested, you’d probably eat far less than you do. About the average American diet, I believe I can say this with authority after having lived as a student yogi for many years, with a relatively pure diet, primarily vegetarian (some fish, dairy and eggs) since…

5 simple steps to heal a damaged self-image

Following the breakup of a personal relationship, after getting fired from a job, or perhaps upon finding out about a failed investment, one’s self-image can be at its lowest point. It is at this point a real solution is most important. Don’t wait until the crisis to heal the problem. Instead, be prepared by doing these exercises before the crisis.

Here’s some pointers to feel really good about yourself with an ever-increasing benefit.

Initiate your own awakening

This is a wake-up call!

Life is simple and easy and fun.

If you haven’t yet figured this out then please start learning it (for everyone’s benefit)

The Three Phases of Waking

From Victim to Empowered to Awake – by Anthony Fogleman In this world, we experience three distinct phases as we waken to Truth: Phase 1: Victim Once we identify with our body fully (usually around age 7) we (often) see ourselves as vulnerable, weak, and helpless … in short, a victim. We look out and…

Victim paradigm vs. Empowered paradigm: A lesson in gentleness

The victim paradigm has three points: Victim, perpetrator, rescuer. Acting as rescuer, attackers see the world as a cruel place where innocence is unprotected. They pose as friendly, searching for attackers. They assume a solution with a goal of repairing the wound and punishing the perpetrator. Rescuers defend their right to see the world through…

Cure ear infections naturally with your own urine

That’s right, nature knows how to cure your ear infection. Put several drops after catching a small amount of the middle of the stream of your first urination of the day, or have fun doing with advanced yoga postures, by peeing directly into your ear… this is only recommended for accomplished yogis or yoginis. Ha…