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Lenticular cloud over Mt. Shasta

Just imagine the size of the space-ship being concealed in this cloud?

Look for happiness

As a lover of life, I look for certain characteristics of God’s teachers in people I meet. It can be said that one gentleman, who I had the pleasure of meeting during my stay in Ocean Shores, WA, clearly has the characteristic of Joy. Michael works as a waiter and had I not encountered on […]

Is laughter a cure, or a sign you’re cured?

Some seem to talk about laughter as though it’s the cure. But it seems to miss the point. We know we’re cured when we can laugh — so we do laugh! … but what actually caused the condition where we could laugh? Could it be that we changed our mind about something, and then saw […]

Depression – The cause and the cure

As a healer, I am naturally concerned with the conditions that people suffer from. One of the big concerns these days, particularly, is depression. A web page that ranks #1 searching only for one word, depression, has the following information for you to review… Treatment In general, treatments for depression include: Medications called antidepressants Talk […]

A Prayer for Humanity

I have for a long time been working to bring a new mineral to the world, and I’ve not only spent a huge sum on it, but convinced many others to put in their time and money. On more than one occasion in the process, dissenters, disguised as partners, attempted to get it all for […]

Assist in the Great Awakening!

Were you let down because of expectation or because of the other? Or maybe it had to go down this way to get the lesson you prayed for. Maybe somewhere in one of the recesses of your mind, you had the thought, and with it, some suspicion, and voila, it came to be … but […]

Rising above the world in Peace

I completed my journey across the USA, and have lots of stories to tell about perfect meetings and healing. We are so blessed to walk this earth together, you and I. I’m here in gratitude to remind you how important it is to laugh at life, which can only mean that you have found a […]

Authentic creative joy…

… emerges when mediocrity finishes its paradoxical gorging. Within each person an expressive being yearns to be free. Hello…??? Do you know who you really are? If so, there are no doubts or fears, just be who you are, or keep trying to find yourself… don’t give up or give in to mediocrity and complaining, […]

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