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How do you spell “SUCCESS” ?

What constitutes success in America, or anywhere for that matter, when 500 years of imperialism has subtly changed a paradigm of community wealth to one that values only personal wealth. The contrast of personal wealth, and it’s emphasis, fuels violence, which can be seen as attempts at balance. Truly, balance can be found through putting […]

Forgiveness is FUN!

If you hate drama, click off this page! I’ve been labeled a king of drama. Artists love me, small-thinkers blown away by me. I don’t decide how Spirit would use my talent, but I’m pretty confident that this incarnation was not meant for mediocrity, the antithesis of our function. Forgiveness is fun, and I don’t […]


The past is our remembrance of guilt asking to be forgiven, and fear of an unforgiven past is projected into a thing we call “the future”. Each becomes our way to find the present where love’s remembrance becomes the gift we freely give, and forgiveness our only function. … and further, to understand the true […]

In Gratitude for Yogi Amrit Desai

Dear ones, In my quest for truth, again I remind myself of my many blessings, of which today I reminisce my youth. I’m indeed very blessed, I am, to live a life colored by the deep and profound inspiration I received while living among a Guru and his disciples, my chosen spiritual family during the […]

Look past dreams today: Lesson 153

Enjoy the full lesson with audio: Lesson 153 We look past dreams today, and recognize that we need no defense because we are created unassailable, without all thought or wish or dream in which attack has any meaning. Now we cannot fear, for we have left all fearful thoughts behind. And in defenselessness we stand […]


— a special article assignment by Anthony Fogleman December, 07, 2004 — Practitioner training I Not long ago, I heard it said for the first time: “We live in a perfect universe.” I thought that perhaps the speaker was confused or delusional. I have begun to understand what he meant, and now, I agree that […]

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