About Tony

When I practice music alone, I’m not alone.  Heavenly Hosts are paying close attention…

Like my music teachers, but more sensitive to a wrong note.

I am first and foremost… the Holy Son of God (just like you)… then

* Lover of simplicity
* Many successful endeavors past, present and future
* Big dreams of happiness
* Hard worker (I treat my body like a puppet that I control from above)
* Connected with lots of happy people in Asheville, NC and the World!

I used to have a vision of what success meant. But priorities change with foundational motivation, and as one comes to realize that they don’t know what anything is for, nor could they ever, the ego’s assumptions (judgment) is relaxed (for a moment).

With distrust of assumptions, I often ask:

* Where would you have me go?
* What would you have me do?
* Who would you have me speak to?
* What would you have me say?

Ever intrigued by the answers… I’ve been led to very interesting experiences. And this I wish upon anyone, that life be a glorious mystery unfolding, and the peace of God is known.

I have come to the conclusion that we are all in service to our higher selves — eternally one with the One self in and as us all — whether we realize it or not, and thus, our holiness blesses the world — regardless of what we do or how it looks. May we be not teachers of the world’s insanity based on the law of chaos, but instead on the one that teaches perfect peace.

If my rightminded conclusions are correct… our true selves are invulnerable and permanent, and thus, we have nothing to fear.

May we expose all fear for what it really is from a place of peace. From this place, fear is simply a mistake that can easily be corrected with the light of Truth — but not by bringing Truth to illusion, (with this method, you can produce some impressive demonstrations, and never find peace) but instead, the reverse, which is to bring illusion to Truth. With this method, illusion is seen for what it really is, in contrast with Truth.

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