How far back do you remember?

I ask the question “how far back do you remember” quite often to people I meet. The reason is simple. I remember back to the formlessness, and it’s nothing to fear, that’s for sure!

ON MONEY $$$ and Spirit

Are you grateful for what you have? Or do you feel consistently needy, like if you just had a bit more money — or a LOT more — you could finally rest easy? No one can really understand money without going beyond the ego, since money is an ego device. One must be willing to…

The ACIM Daily Lesson App

For some years now, I lost track, I’ve been working on an app that makes it easy to stay on the lesson of the day. Indeed, I wrote it just for me, but why keep it to myself when it can be shared with the world…??? So, I ran it on my server. Now it’s…

A cure for “Guru Attachment Syndrome”

You must see and appreciate your inner guru in order that the external guru (expeller of darkness, master, teacher) has value.

This is what each disciple of any guru or spiritual teacher should work to accept.

Enjoy a healthy body, free of disease

If you knew how much of your food actually was digested, you’d probably eat far less than you do. About the average American diet, I believe I can say this with authority after having lived as a student yogi for many years, with a relatively pure diet, primarily vegetarian (some fish, dairy and eggs) since…

Remember these three things when times get tough

1) You don’t really know what anything is for. You can’t be expected to know. This would require vision far beyond what you have accepted for yourself separately. Your perception is incapable of this level of vision. 2) There is a plan unfolding … that is so far beyond your tiny perception always working in…

Stripped of an arrogant ego and the urge to merge

What are you without a body? Individuallessness. You underestimated your real power, because the ego is arrogant and assumes smallness, limited itself by a body. Your ego is powerless, and you will (need) to return to form while you still desire Facebook over natural communication. Guilt, with arrogant audacity, suggests you can condemn, judge, offend…

5 simple steps to heal a damaged self-image

Following the breakup of a personal relationship, after getting fired from a job, or perhaps upon finding out about a failed investment, one’s self-image can be at its lowest point. It is at this point a real solution is most important. Don’t wait until the crisis to heal the problem. Instead, be prepared by doing these exercises before the crisis.

Here’s some pointers to feel really good about yourself with an ever-increasing benefit.