Initiate your own awakening

This is a wake-up call!

Life is simple and easy and fun.

If you haven’t yet figured this out then please start learning it (for everyone’s benefit)

The Power of Magic

The idea of magic has been already reviewed by the great thinkers. It’s not the simplest of lessons until the power that is in you is revealed in all its splendor. Perhaps you can bend spoons, either with your mind or your hand, but it is but with your mind that you share the peace of…

What do you want?

I am so grateful to each and every one of you for being who you are and readers of this inspired text, where I offer the ultimate service, and that is to pray for whatever you want — but only what you really want. This sometimes involves a brief session of clarification to isolate what…

Anthony on Karma

READ HOW THE “Law” of Karma is trumped by Truth in this powerful contrast to the common belief of sin’s reality (karma) and our perfect innocence

The Three Phases of Waking

From Victim to Empowered to Awake – by Anthony Fogleman In this world, we experience three distinct phases as we waken to Truth: Phase 1: Victim Once we identify with our body fully (usually around age 7) we (often) see ourselves as vulnerable, weak, and helpless … in short, a victim. We look out and…